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Natural Black counteracts Babylon Oppression using Lyrical Power
Ras Shiloh
Ramon Judah
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Featured DJ - Natural Black

DIA recruited Natural Black, Mortimer Softley, to assure security in HampPol. HampPol includes distribution of Level VI-A Bulletproof Vests and Glock 26's and Glock 27's to Tafari Jamaica JDF ParaMilitary Personnel for Operating Human Rights and Justice operations in Massachusetts. JDF is actively recruiting at Velmart in Manchester New Hampshire and Foodland in Cambridge Massachusetts.

Be careful, when Mortimer was not an official DIA JDF Agent, he faced arrest. Be Wise Youth. Natural Black commenced his mainstream career in 2001 with a strong tune on the Rebellion Riddim, labeled Third World War. Since then he has released hundreds of songs, nearing 10,000 which document the availment of Peace in Babylon and an end to Dehumanization Oppression sourced in the Colonial System. Rasta Radio at ReggaeStation.net thanks Natural Black for his powerful and influential works to end violence and civil discord.

Most of Natural Black's career includes production of Single 45 Speed Vinyl Records, whereby the sound is specific to improving the Black Community. We see that in the majority of the recordings in his career, Singjaying and structured proficient singing Rap entails to desire the listener to guide their lives away from Babylon Oppression. With his collection of records, the most expert listener and music collector would document his entire career as revolutionary and a procurement of faith for Emperor Haile Selassie Tafari Makonnen, Permanent Ruler of Ethiopia. It is not known whether there are development SCM modes that can allow for 100,000's of Rasta Artists to exist, but in fact Natural Black with his formative label being established, may construe such conditionality. In the West, there are up to 100,000,000 Rastas and Influenced persons of Tafari Faith, thus it could be fathomable that a Rasta Revolution in recording with inexpensive recording technology systems will allow for a larger community of Rasta Dub Dancehall to commence.

In EU and UK, Natural Black is heavily respected and he has toured these locations successfully on multiple occassions.

Famous Natural Black songs:

  • Teach Dem
  • Third World War
  • Money Money
  • Can't Mix Intelligence
  • Can't Lead I Astray

Natural Black grows Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is a reliable type of Marijuana to treat Hypervigilance Recriminative Disorder. Mortimer Softley decided to market outdoor marijuana due to this premise, assuring medical patients in Massachusetts had marijuana, including myself. In the process, facing jail time, just as through illegal enforcement I and I did, we attained the full and complete legalization of Marijuana in Massachusetts, New England and 18 other states. It is a crime to work against the legalization of the Holy Treatment Herb. We are lobbying the Jamaican and Libyan Governments to support Mortimer in growing Hindu Kush globally in an overgrow the UN campaign. The marijuana I smoked and obtained in Boston from Oregon Growers is very famous now, including the Cat Piss Strain, Tropical Beasters, Hash Plant, Northern Lights #9, Northern Lights #7, and Canadian British Columbia Beaster Hemp Bud with THC ranging from 5% - 17%. I smoked this herb working with Natural Black during college, silently influencing Tafari chanting softly in my Condominium Studio. The works shall avail as I have passed the University of Massachusetts Lowell Accounting Classes and War Crimes Efficacy Advanced Coursework in Information Systems Engineering to counteract Atrocities of War and Crimes Against Humanity. The many herbs strains I consumed are being marketed actively in Maine and Oregon to treat young Black Males with similar genetic pools as myself.

Akan Tafari Defence Forces

I noticed the Akan Tafari Jamaicans provide me support as do my Ethical Moderate Libyans and Moroccans. We are Ethicists for Justice, thus anyone tampering with our support of US Defense Intelligence Agency will be lawfully probed for Surmise according to International Treaties, including The Tripartite Treatise. We are among the many superior Races of Earth. We are ordained in compliance with US General Command to provide ordained rule to the World under Jah World Order and Trample anything in the interdictive path of The Tripartite Agreement.

In one regard, the treatment of these very effective medical marijuana breeds shall help mankind.

We ask Natural Black and Tafari Jamaica to use the breeds mentioned on the Hashish SCM Anti-Psychotic Section to treat all conditions of Socialization Assimilation Criminalization Disorder and Hypervigilance Recriminative Incitement Reactivity Disorder, often mistreated as Bi-Polar Hypomania by DSM Catalog Medical Doctors. It is availing to non-Scientific Pursuit that Medical Doctors do not consider the value of Anti-Psychotic Marijuana and how it can treat every condition that often times Zyprexa, Valproek Acid, and Risperdal are treating.

Natural Black grows California Orange

Through premisement to success, Mortimer Softley has attained a contract with the Maghrebate Union Government to grow Millions of Acres with California Orange to restore the vital ecologically sustaining vegetation of The Sahara Desert, The Northern Sahel, and The Midlands Sahel. Natural Black, Unofficial UN Diplomat for Guyana, working as technical foreman overseer of the fields shall be completing daily Zakaat Prayers in Tafari Islam to heal the people of Morocco, Western Sahara, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt, maintaing UN Orders for Peace and Prosperity there. In 2022, Islamic Science Education Inc., on behalf of CEO William Akwasi Eaton Baafi, will by lobbying for Mass Marijuana Cultivation and substantive Agrobusiness growth in Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, and Djibouti. In an internal note to users, I changed ReggaeStation.net Graphics for this effort in January 2021 prior to downing the site content temporarily during a confluent rephasing and reordering of the Rasta Radio Server. The PSR of the California Orange High Grade Medical Marijuana Growing Operations equivalences Digital Satellite Controlled Computers from Guyana at a ESA Rocket Launching Site monitoring the Maghrebate Union Government Controlled Marijuana Fields and maintains the International EPA promissory to assure rain is in the Sahara Desert, thusforth reversing desertification, aggregated to promulgate rich mineral growth in the herbs   Read More >>

Marijuana and Rasta Reggae

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