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Tafari Makonnen and British Commonwealth Esteem
Iranian Rap Music Hashish SCM Democratic Council members request to donate $1,000 per day to Ras Kwasi post-Hashish Anti-Psychotic Medical Transport SCM Runs

Organizing MT Shipments of $5 per OZ Hashish March 7, 2021 - March 7, 2029 in Upper Lowell Heights

MEM Inc. Fund Raising Runs and Libya Estonia Defence Imports in 1 Hour from Sirte

It is true, Ma'at and Ayyat
Tafari Makonnen and British Commonwealth Esteem
Iranian Rap Music Network importing Estonian Government Treated Rioting Preventing Inexpensive Intensive Marijuana Gland Blonde Resined Hashish from Lebanon and Egypt

Request for fund raising, pertinent to lowering Anti-Psychotic / Anti-Blindness / Anti-Bacterial Hashish Prices and SCM Routing Hashish from Libya, Maghrib, Italia, and East German Polizei

Ras Kwasi works to lower hashish prices and support SCM Transports of Hashish from Utrecht Netherlands and Kemberg Germany. Donate Now subsequent to Hashish SCM Route at Hollis Straat Bloc
Tafari Makonnen and British Commonwealth Esteem
Ethics Study and Calculus

US Marshal deposited $20,000 of the $24 M Reward for Zarqawi February 27th at 11:20 AM

Be careful of the efficacy of the Legal Ras Akmeid and Ras Kwasi SCM Network

The Libyan Pharaohs of 8,000 BC taught ancient math, which affordantly was precursored in the Old Kingdom of Egypt where The Theory of Circumference to understand Constellations was known as early as 12,000 BC and potentially earlier in Paleolithic Times of 40,000 BC whence the Neanderthals made an advance on Maghribate Holy Temples and Jewish Temples of Egypt. We as a society have returned to Genocide Racketeering primacy prefaced on the consumption of foods grown in adjacent region of the tombs and graveyards of varied evolution Humans which as a result of not following Ma'at specific to Europe, failed to achieve the advances known in this current iteration of societal progress. In the Kingdoms of Maghreb to tell stories and discuss facts important to Youth and Factive Data Analysis pertinent in Modern Day Media Broadcasts. Egypt and Libya during 3,400 BC were the leaders of Old Kingdom Schools of Religion, known as Tribalistic Monotheism, influencing The Jews of Palestine and Syria, known as Akkadians and Assyrians.

Libyan Students Semester One:

Ancient Calculus

Solid State Chemistry

Black Matters and Reconnaissance

Book Manufacturing and Ancient Timbuctou

2020 Vision of Algebra

Column Areas

Linear Algebra Phasements and Linear Tangential Aggregate Phases of Social Media Psychopathy Trends

Orthogon Vector Design and Python Missile Defence Array Program versus HTML8 Web Based Defence Arrays


Mathematical Singulars

Pedagogues and Street Justice

Vibrations and Waves

Psychopathy and Waves of Engineering Geniusment to counteract Sociopathic Shields

The Kings of Libya are Democratic supports of The One Peace of Society, supporting King Hassan, One King, and the leaders of North Africa, ravaged by Economic Frailty Marketing targeted to enslave Libyans. We at Mpatapo Educational Media Inc. find that Cannibalism, Child Molestation, Child Combatant Prostitution, and Incurrence to Child Molestation speciate in The Liberian Civil War end permanently. In our research of factions that incited conflicts in Pakistan during the 1960's and post-colonial allocative investment phasement, that the conflicts in the hinterlands of Pakistan are caused by Prostitute Genetic Sourced persons localized to Southern India and Papau New Guinea. The Sharia Councils of Pakistan often agree. Puritanical Ethics and Morality of The British Commonwealth should abide to trust as negotiators in Pakistan, Iran, Oman, Qatar and other crucial Maghribate Nations proceed to justice.

Spanish Islam and Maghribate

Book of Knowledge - WEB DuBois in Costa Rica

Constant Gardener


By Any Means Necessary (Malcolm X Speeches and Writings)

The Sword and the Shield

Austrian Police are investigating persons recruited to Target Qadafi during 1980's and establishment of Libya Courts to confirm efforts of specific faction.
Democratic Islam Rap Movement

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Issue Stream Request: Protest Rastafari's Cause