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UT Ras and JDF counteract Babylon Oppression Insurrection Plan using Lyrical Power
Ras Shiloh
Ramon Judah
Tony Roots
Featured DJ - UT Ras

UT Ras commenced his mainstream career in 1990 - 1991 with the intent to end Babylon Oppression Insurrections globally, and followed up with many hits during the 1990's. During 2001 he developed a strong tune on the Herbalist Riddim - Them No With You, mentioning to Blacks that the Insurrection is unconscionable. Along with his Two Laws Song, which explicates and expounds on a serious issue of Criminal Revolting in the Black Community in Jamaica. In this case, most JDF losses of forces are in addressing Insurrections for The British Crown and for The Jamaican Nation. UT Ras, also known as UT Dread, laments on the rebellions and insurrections, noting they are commenced as an Act of Slavery.

In the mainstay of UT Ras and Natural Black songs, they mention that Babylon's Insurrection Plan is Slavery, Criminal Slavery, and most of all Fugitive Slavery, whereby Blacks are tricked and coerced into committing crimes. This ruins the Black Community. It is known that there are development SCM modes that can allow for 100,000's of Rasta Artists to exist, moreover, in fact UT Ras and Natural Black with their formative labels being established, will construe such conditionality. In the West, there are up to 100,000,000 Rastas and Influenced persons of Tafari Faith, thus it could be fathomable that a Rasta Revolution in recording with inexpensive recording technology systems will allow for a larger community of Rasta Dub Dancehall to commence.

In EU and UK, UT Ras is heavily respected and he has toured these locations successfully on multiple occassions. Unfortunately, UT Ras, Natural Black, myself and Freedom Tafari Movement Artists have faced deadly lethal targeting by Illegal Excessive Force Police Units, whereby we have been shot at, scathed with bullets, sprays, Nerve Agents, and other forms of Aggressive Unlawful Police Action. The UN Security Council may be investigating, yet The UN CounterTerrorism Committee has done nothing to neutralize this threat.

Famous UT Ras songs:

  • Two Laws
  • Them No With You
  • Life So Divine
  • Brap Brap
  • Danger
  • Shotta Bwoy
  • Blessed
  • Straight Now

UT Ras discusses Unitarian Tafari Jamaica

UT Ras, born Gairy Moulton in Westmoreland Jamaica during 1971, is a famous essential Rastafarian Artist. His career started with recordings at Mikie Bennett's Grafton Studios (Kingston, Jamaica) in early 1990's to mid-1990's. UT Ras first tune was "Why Must A Man Murder A Next Man" on the Nice And Naughty Riddim recorded under the name UT Dread released in 1995. Other important tracks voiced by UT Ras in 1995 include a song on the Swing Easy Riddim called Riddle, as well as Unity featuring Quicksilver. Many Rastafarian idren of UT Ras believe "Why Must A Man Murder A Next Man" was the best songs he ever performed. Another important release for UT Ras features Jimmy Cliff - with the song Positive Energy. UT Ras has not completed much international touring, yet he is a veteran to performing in Jamaica, doing shows at SumFest, Sashi, Sting.

During the interview, conducted via telephone with Ras Kwasi of - UT Ras comments on Apartheid in Africa, The African Unity Movement, and the general evils of White Supremacy: "Learning Rastafari Livity has done a Great amount for my attitude", we "Have to be humble and listen"..."To not make foolish Blunder". Moreover, when talking of Babylon Systems of Oppression and White Supremacy, he confirms that the main purpose regarding organized oppression of Blacks - "White Supremacy is instituted to keep Blacks under pressure". In regards to the countenance forces fighting against White Supremacy - he notes Black Muslims and Black Solidarity Movement that empower Blacks traditionally has helped his career and deliverance of faith in Rastafari. He goes on to confirm the famous teaching - "Each One Teach One, - cause you do not know everything". Moreover, the White Supremacy System - "has Taken Away Blacks integrity and promotes no honesty, that's what White Supremacy has over us". He notes: "African Unity has to peak before we realize - And Build an Empire" and that "Separation amongst oneself does not work...Not assembling in One Unity".

Universalism Rastafari, The United Tafari Worship Sect of UT Ras, has a means to progress that shall be noted by non-denominational society. The ways of Unitarian Oriented Universalist Rastafari and Protestant Rastafari is the way of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Abysinnian Orthdoxy. We can see that UT Ras promotes such concepts with his works, and we are specifically building a Dub Set with him in the next 2 months to showcase this talent for him to promulgate as he performs his important catalog and scroll of Righteous Rastafarian tracks.

Through direct communication, UT Ras profounds on the interchange of Unitarian Rastafari, and its importance to unite all Houses of Tafari under one moniker. The excricate method of Tafari to combat enemies that cause Insurrection in Black Communities can be intensified to assure collective security and progress. UT Ras mentions, 'Unity in Operational Support is key to Tafari Jamaica surviving the pangs of Babylon's Insurrection Incitement'. The in-fighting in Tafari Jamaica is to discredit the religion as a supposed farse, where Selassie, The Second Coming of Christ, is not respected, and to furthermore disunite Blacks into Insurrectional Momentum. One of the concerns UT Ras expresses to the elders is that Tafari Jamaica may experience a shutdown of its spiritual guidance sessions given the impending doom of Babylon's Oppression.

Natural Black grows California Orange

Through premisement to success, Mortimer Softley has attained a contract with the Maghrebate Union Government to grow Millions of Acres with California Orange to restore the vital ecologically sustaining vegetation of The Sahara Desert, The Northern Sahel, and The Midlands Sahel. Natural Black, Unofficial UN Diplomat for Guyana, working as technical foreman overseer of the fields shall be completing daily Zakaat Prayers in Tafari Islam to heal the people of Morocco, Western Sahara, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt, maintaing UN Orders for Peace and Prosperity there. In 2022, Islamic Science Education Inc., on behalf of CEO William Akwasi Eaton Baafi, will by lobbying for Mass Marijuana Cultivation and substantive Agrobusiness growth in Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, and Djibouti. In an internal note to users, I changed Graphics for this effort in January 2021 prior to downing the site content temporarily during a confluent rephasing and reordering of the Rasta Radio Server. The PSR of the California Orange High Grade Medical Marijuana Growing Operations equivalences Digital Satellite Controlled Computers from Guyana at a ESA Rocket Launching Site monitoring the Maghrebate Union Government Controlled Marijuana Fields and maintains the International EPA promissory to assure rain is in the Sahara Desert, thusforth reversing desertification, aggregated to promulgate rich mineral growth in the herbs   Read More >>

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