Stream Reggae Music - Zion Lion of the Twelve Tribes of Judah | Reggae is the source of Unity and Unification for The African Diaspora, Commonwealth Africa and Caribbean, and The African Union | Messages of Justice, Social Accord, Societal Progress and Purgatorial Insight for Blacks
Rastafarian Reggae Audio Mixes profess faith, progress, and societal cohesion for The African Diaspora, The African Union, Commonwealth Africa and The Caribbean | Progress and Change for Black Society including societal development, economic success, and institutional cohesiveness to ensure The Civil Rights promised under The United States Constitution and British Constitution will prevail
A brief Surmised History of Marcus Garvey and The U.N.I.A. as they countered institutional Racism, Xenophobia, and Oppression of The Black African Race whilst maintaining stridence in developing efficacious means to Societal Accord, Social Cohesion, and Institutional Acceptance of Blacks and Black Africans
A Brief History of Emperor Haile Selassie as he worked to Unite Africa and fight against the evilous regimes of The Axis Powers and their doctrines of Oppression which were intended to decay progress in Africa for the purpose of mechanized exploitation
The Empire of Ghana established diplomacy and progress throughout Africa during the time of the 1200's, although the empire residuated in great success from the 7th Century to the 13th Century.  As the Empire was transferred to the newly alike Songhai, the means of diplomacy founded during the Empire of Ghana which endeavoured Kings to take Caravans of Gold to Egypt and to Byzantine as well as further locations into the Occident enriched the peoples of this Divine Region of The Sahel, the Sahara and the Forest Kingdoms of The Sub-Saharan River Belts.  The persons of this empire maintain their current heritage in Kanem-Bornu, Awkar, Kumbeh Saleh, into the regions of the Almoravid Royals.  The 'town in which the King lives bears the name of El Ghaba', meaning 'the Forest'.  The Matrilineal Monarchical System of Government, according to West Africa Since A.D. 1000: Book One - The People by F.K. Buah was an extrordinarily helpful factor.
Flag for Asante Kingdom: The Asantehene sends Emissaries on matters of great importance.  A chief may be sent: once, Aduboufuor, Gyaasehene, was sent to patch up some differences which had arisen between Sem (Nsemaa) and Ahanta, and which had been referred to Asantehene.  This was successfully done, and this led to the friendship between Ahanta and Nsemaa on one hand and Asante on the other in which people from eitherside could insult those of the other without generating any bitterness.

Given the advisement of Ras Zacharri, Babylon wants to see Rastafarians perish. This is known in the Lingua Franca of Rastafarians, denoting Babylon as the Great Satan and Centrifugal Satanic Force of Oppression. Beyond simple Colonization, the White Supremacism delineated in Babylon's Systems of Oppression ensure that Blacks as a Race perish. The lack of unity within the Black Community and the disparaging means by which Blacks treat each other ensures the processes continue. The selected streams of Audio showcase a means to fight aganist Babylon and the means to survive. Each stream contains lyrics which outline the systems of destabilization concurrent in the Black Community which are concomitant with the evils Babylon plans for the Black Race.

The White Supremacy Groups arrayed in European Society built both in the Western Hemisphere and in Europe/Eurasia utilize the means of social division within Blacks of the West, Africans and Africans of the Diaspora to economically exploit the transitive wealth of community for amassed transposited gains. Oligarchies have formed in Europe, Eurasia and the West based on this exploitation process. This diminuition process has been occurrent since prior to the Slave Trade and reached its height during the 1700's and late 1600's when the most resources were extracted from the Gold Coast, including Slaves, Gold, Tropical Animal Furs, Ivory, and other means of exploitation. According to the Asantehene the parallel processes of exploitation seen today actually led to the Imperial Wars of Europe when fighting was at its worst, assuring Genocide would occur in not only in Africa but in Europe.
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Documenting the process of incurred freedom from Criminal Bondage, whilst Blacks obtain manumission in modern societal context.
Tony Roots - Sufferer's Cry: Crucial Roots Album
African Unity Series
Tony Roots - Sufferer's Cry: Crucial Roots Album

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