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Poverty in South America denies all Global Citizens Opportunity
Ras Shiloh
Ramon Judah
Tony Roots
Economic Development South America

According to the assessment of Economic Experts, Poverty in South America denies every Global Citizen opportunity. The perplexing conditions of economic decay have caused Genocide in many South American Nations including Colombia, Bolivia, Peru and Venezuela. In the future Economic Progress in Technology will assist South America reach its potential to be wealthy and astute. In Colombia, there are social programs of inclusion to teach citizens Engineering Technology to avert Brain Drain and Flight Economies, stringently intertwined with Economic Collapse.

Economic Growth Sectors:

  • Automated Agrobusiness
  • Scientific Engineering
  • Exports Control
  • Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Automobile Vehicles Manufacturing

The production of Advanced Products in South America, including Personal Workstation Computer Kits, Mobile Phones, and Econo-Lux Automobiles will progress the NAFTA Trade Program and can improve the Atmosphere of Global Politics. The sequence of Economic Advance will reduce and counteract the aftereffects of Economic Collapse that occurred whilst South America's Economic Spheres were controlled by Cocaine Trafficking. We request all Governments of South America institute the Snow White Policy, whereby every Cocao Field is replaced by White Widow, Snow White, and Inca Gold Fields, thereby producing an equitable replacement of the Cocao Processed product, yet inline with the Uruguay Legalization Mandate for South America. Economically, the growth of these specific three pain-reduction breeds of Marijuana can introduce recovery for the Cocaine Production Regions of this vast continental mountainous zone.

Mass Marijuana Cultivation yields can also improve medical systems in South America, whereby all persons are obliged to medical care under a system similar to Medicare. The System according to NAFTA Senatorial Regulators should be devised as NAFTA Medicare S.A. and NAFTA Medicare C.A. In Central America, many people are victimized at hospitals in torture situations, whereby the Medical Doctors are not approved by Modern Western Systems for treating patients. It should be noted that the Colombian Government, with Returns on Seizures of Cocaine Traffickers can implement a Cuban like Educational System to overhaul medical practica in South America.   Read More >>

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