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Penthouse Records was formed in 1984. The Jamaican Based Record Label has recorded popular artists in Reggae as well as less known names in the music business. Anthony B, Utan Green, Cultural Roots, and Buju Banton have been featured on this label's records in the past 30 years since its inception in the early 1980's. During 1984 to 1987, Penthouse Records worked extensively with Pinchers, Culture, and Cultural Roots. Sizzla became familiarized with the label in 1995 and completed an catalogue of works during 1996. Anthony B definitively join the label's march to notoriety as Rastfari rose in administrative efficacy during 1996. Look up Determine join the label erstwhile in 1995, during the rise of his early career. The label has established a number of sublets including Germain Music, Germain Records, Penthouse Selection, Penthouse Distributors, Penthouse Vintage, Revolutionary Sounds, Suite 56 all devised to produce the most evocative catalogue of Conscious Reggae Music.

Penthouse Records has released a number of crucial tracks for Beres Hammond over the period of its 25 year history. Please buy their music legally and respect their copyright. Penthouse and all record labels of The West Indies suffer from Market Loss as a result of Babylon's intent to scratch the Vinyl Records of Anti-Apartheid Lyrics. Look up their collection of radical and foundational conscious Reggae at the following locations.: Donovan Germain was a Rastafarian until the late 1980's when he was forced to conform with society. Since conforming with Babylon after being charged by The Courts of Jamaica in the 1984 he has worked with an entourage of strident and lawful Rastafarians whom maintain their strength of protestation, expressing their fundamental Constitutional Rights whilst working in steady unison against Babylon's Colonial Oppression System including Natural Black.

Donovan Germain Bio:Donovan Germain was born on March 7, 1952 in Kingston, Jamaica. He relocated to New York in 1970 to study accounting. He graduated from New York Community College, taking a job at a Wall Street stock brokerage firm as a junior accountant while simultaneously running a Brooklyn reggae record shop he had purchased named Keith's Records. In 1975, Germain began distributing records for several jamaican producers including Gussie Clarke, Lloyd Campbell or Sonia Pottinger.

In 1978, Donovan Germain made his first tentative forays into production with the help of Lloyd Campbell under Spiderman label with Joy White’s "Love Is A Message" and Ronnie Davis "Equality & Justice". He founded his first label Revolutionnary Sounds the same year, working regularly in the Channel One and Tuff Gong studios where he produced most notably The Tamlins (they gave him his 1st hit "Don't Break Your Promise" in 1979), the Cultural Roots (“Mr Boss Man” in 1980, a true label anthem), the Mighty Diamonds, the female singers Joy White and Audrey Hall and The Revolutionaries. He developed two subsidiary labels in parallel - Rub-a-Dub and Reggae - in the early 80's in order to distribute some of his productions in the USA and United Kingdom. His 2nd label Germain Records started in 1985 and enabled him to become brilliantly familiar with the lovers rock digital productions amongst others with Audrey Hall “One Dance Can Do" in 1985 and Freddie McGregor "Just Want to Be Lonely" in 1987. Germain spent much of the 80s travelling between Jamaica, USA and England for his productions. He progressively gave up roots productions and turned to digital riddims.
Germain moved back to Kingston to open his own Penthouse studio on the top floor of a building on Slipe Road in 1988 (hence the name Penthouse). He produced his first big hit on Penthouse Records "Chaka On The Move" by Chaka Demus in 1989, the 1st of many. Germain delevops an international music approach, characterised particularly by a faultless sound quality, which gives him a wider distribution of his productions. This approach enabled some local beginner artists like Wayne Wonder, Buju Banton, Tony Rebel, Cutty Ranks, Sanchez, Thriller U and Mad Cobra to get an international recognition and to experienced artists like Beres Hammond, Marcia Griffiths or Nana McLean to be back in the limelight.

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