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William AE Baafi and Class Suit vs. Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Islamic Science Education is suing The Commonealth of Massachusetts at The Hague, International Criminal Court. Pending Legal Matters include Contempt Mapping, Evasion, Witness Suppression, Witness Intimidation, Evidence Suppression, Racketeering, and State Based Incompetence

Currently, there is a pending organization of Case Data for a Settlement Action against The Commonwealth of Massachusetts whilst Arresting Citizens for Dispensing Marijuana, Consuming Marijuana, as well as Cultivation and Possession of Marijuana.

Involved Courts

Case Data of Settlement Action

In 1998 September - December, I attended early college in Western Massachusetts at UMASS Amherst on Talent of the 21st Century program subject to confinements, and Confinement Mapping, in ordinanced subjugation legalizing Marijuana. With the operation considered to improve Marijuana Trade globally, I traveled to Den Haag in Peace Mandate Surveillance, staying at a Hostel as well as Hotel, to obtain Marijuana Import Subject Medical Hemp Embryonic Stills to further Legalize Marijuana through Experiential Process, planning to attain a Doctorate in medically treating Black Americans. Through this Scientific Pursuit, applied research, I am still working to neutralize Crime and Qaida in the Black Community and present a unification prospect of Democratic Islam in Massachusetts and Tafari Worldwide.

I received an estimate in Psychiatric Damages from being strip searched at Customs Imports Check Analysis Cell at Logan Airport approximated to $500. The event in question occurred in January 1999 whilst I returned home on a potentially untranspired hijacked United Airways Airplane from Schipol Netherlands with Sensi Seed Bank Cannabis Embryonic Stills. Furtheranced to this initial oppression fact, I was subject to unlawful arrest in May 2003, at Bedford Massachusetts USA. The arrest location was the Concord River Boat Launching Site on 225 North, whereby the current law allowing consumption of THC Marijuana and Hemp Low THC Marijuana in Public at a distance of 100 Feet from oncoming public sphere citizens was not enforced. Moreover, the limited base profit generation Gifting Law, and Corporate Registered Dispensation of Hemp Law was disadhered to. The estimated damages for being falsely imprisoned by the Bedford Police, and held at local Bedford Police Department Holding Cells Confinement for 3 hours at $30 given it was extremely cold, depressing, and torturous, violating the Constitutional Rights of The Police Officers involved and myself. Whilst writing this levy, I face direct Mutilative Deafening Signal Jams from Bedford Police Station, often enforced against by The Hague's Sorties Systems.

During Spring 1993 - Fall 1996, limited damages were incurred from Hemp being outlawed, although that assessment may be truncated and incorrect due to the Active Case of Witness Suppression associated with The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In 1998 September - 1998 November, I smoked a Peruvian Inca Brick Hemp which intensified my anguish regarding Modern Black History and The Middle Passage. Given the low quality of the Cannabinoids Glands in the Hemp restrictive to reduce usage, supplied to me in gentrification districts of Suffolk County, I found it incurrent to miss class, and eventually failed the Entire Opening College Semester, completing only Psychology with a B Mark Grade. Upon re-uptake with manicured Jamaican Lion Outdoor Hemp reading about Ancient Black History in Assyria, Iraq, and Persian Regions the mental pain was dischartered. When studying intensive Ancient History Manuscripts, conversing with a profound partner Berber Cape Verdean supporter of Hemp Legalization at W.E.B. DuBois Library was intuitively helpful and benign.

During the time of Settlement Action Precursory Isolation and Subjugate Torture, I recorded songs as Conscience, an Ethical Proprietor MC. Considerate Raps were developed internally for distribution. Between 1998 - 2001, when operating as Conscience, my carrier in Music Production was at early commencement. Although oppressed by subjection outlawing of Herbal Supplements I required to augment treatment of Schizoaffective Disorder, I survived.

Famous Conscience songs:

  • Black Magic (3/2001)
  • Black Man (3/2001)
  • Chemical Warfare (8/2001)
  • Radioactive Waste (8/2001)
  • African Conflicts (1/2002)

Psychiatric Injury to Marijuana Traffickers and Users

In specimen of Scientific Fact, Marijuana Industry Victims have been subject to various Psychiatric Injuries, among the following:

The current Legal Class does not complete the Settlement Case   Read More >>

Marijuana and Rasta Reggae

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