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Work to evaluate Biome Prion Disease Babylon Torture Programs using Dub Rasta Music. 100,000 Rastafarians infected with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disorder during Repatriation Failure to Liberian War Zone in 1990's. Charles Taylor confirmed by US Armed Services Committee to have met with Dutch Nazis and Soviet Bloc Dissidents to spread disorder, Pretoria 1991

Selassie declares Mustard Gas is causing Creutzfeldt-Jakob in Ethiopa - Listen to combat Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disorder

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Medical and Recreational Marijuana Patients Rights
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Ramon Judah
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Dr. Satin recommends 2,000 MG Maui Wowie and Strawberry Cough Special per day with: 90 MG Rispderal Perseris [30 Day Frequency], 1000 MG Valproek, 20 MG Wellbutrin, and 0.25000 MG Rispderidone: 2002 December - 2006 March

Islamic Science Education works in Paralegal Prosecutorial Offence Query Writings to levy charges against persons whom victimize High Grade Medical Marijuana Mass Cultivation Growers, Marijuana Distributors and Consumers. Currently, we are consuming Northern Lights crossbred with California Orange as well as Bubble Gum, Maui Wowie CBN, Strawberry Cough CBN, White CBG, Stem Cell CBG, and Lifter Kief, under the 2004 September Psychiatric Order of Doctor Satin, Doctor Steven Willis PhD, and Social Worker Howard Brown LICSW, and attempting to neutralize the evictive oppression faced by Marijuana Users and my Hemp Grower Staff in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Oregon as well as Jamaica. Being told by ICB at Route 87 Border in Upstate New York during September 2002 that I entered Jamaica was scary and caused a disorder which led to a Police Chase in 2009, 2011, and an ongoing interactive hostility with misadhesion Local Enforcement. In the course of legalization, Marijuana Users have extensive rights which we support through writing Lethal Executionary Offence Queries speciate to protecting Marijuana Patients Rights. We pride ourselves in developing rescue systems through Medically Treating, with Defense Intelligence Agency, US Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Harvard University Public Welfare Society, victimizers involved in Oppression, Arrest, and Prosecution of Holy Herbs -|- No Arrest, and Official Abduction Hospitalization of Psychiatrically Safe Patients -|- against Marijuana Trade Arrestees, subsequent to the drug being legalized. Currently, Islamic Science Education Inc. is working on gathering data on cases where Free Marijuana Users are oppressed by Police Attackers violating users Constitutional Rights of consuming, trafficking, marketing, and growing Marijuana, both for research and scientific purposes.

NATO Rastafari Bank is working to prevent unlawful arrest of Marijuana Patients, even if using non-Hemp High THC Regulatory Marijuana. Cannabis Hemp, Delta-8 Hemp, Arrearage Delta-9 Hemp, Overage Delta-9 Hemp, Delta-10 Hemp, HHC Hemp, and High Potency Hemp at 5% Tetrahydrocannabinol, can treat Psychiatric Disorders, including Major Depression, Schizophrenia OCD, and other contrite methods of Psychiatric Oppression binded to the Ratlines Disorders

Questions for Doctor Satin is being opened in August 2022. The OpenDiscourse System is intended to improve resiliance of Marijuana Growers whom are isolated and often can be subject to Unlawful Arrest, Official Abduction, Official Kidnapping, and Beatings associated with growing Cannabinoid Scientific Research Plants, labeled currently Marijuana, Cannabis, and Weed.

Write to The British Crown Courts speciate to suffering from Oppression related to Operating in the previously sanctioned Marijuana Trade

  • Central Criminal Court, better known as the Old Bailey, is the crown court for the City of London
  • Blackfriars Crown Court
  • Brighton Law Courts

Invest Now in Rastafarian Operation 202 Chad-Niger Recovery International

Under Edict 202 started in 1998, I operated in Western Massachusetts Marshalized with Heavy Duty Gear legalizing Hemp Marijuana, and Marijuana High Grade Hemp Specimen with THC under 3%. Doctor Satin recommends THC 5% be legalized as High Potency Psychtropic USDA Hemp, yet I disagree with his request given THC 6% - 40% caused Brain Scarring for me. Although Snow White 20% appeared to be very safe for my brain to evolve swiftly in Netherlands. Intermixing THC Stains can be dangerous. With the Edict of 202, I traveled to Den Haag, staying at a Hostel to obtain Marijuana Seeds, failed under ICB Orders and a Strip Search which caused Brain Scarring, to further Legalize Marijuana through Experimentation, planning to attain a Doctorate in medically treating Black Americans. Through this Scientific Pursuit, experiential applied research, I am still working to neutralize Qaida in the Black Community, also a source of Liver Scarring and Intestinal Lattrine Issues, and present an honestied unification prospect of Islam in New York and Tafari Worldwide.

Tafari Jamaica and Growers in various American States are developing Lawful Nerve Helping Compounds, known as Neurobenign Cannabinoids, in Hemp Marijuana, legal under Edict 202, The 2014 Farm Bill, The 2018 Farm Bill, and Senatorial FDA Regulatory Easement, to counteract mood disorders and psychattritite disordering of Psychocomplex Equilibriation. Dangerous Nerve Agents have caused Psychosis for many, not all, and the causation of Psychosis is not limited to Neurotoxic Chemopathogenic Agents. Doctor David Satin of Harvard University accords, many persons are Psychotic due to Sabotage and Societal Conditioning. Rastas have unveiled Northern Lights Calming Terpenes and other Cannabinoid Fluids which can be dosaged with Zyprexa, and sometimes Risperdal if the user so choses to use Hemp Cannabis. In a Dissertation after treating Edward Baafi remotely using Massachusetts Probation Service, Doctor David Satin agreed to continue advisory to help William AE Baafi a moderate Schizoaffect Patient, converted to Extreme Schizophrenia in October 3, 2011 after fearing to lose Disability and not have a Job nor Subsidized Residence.

With Natural Black's collection of records, the most expert listener can reduce Psychiatric Issues, even when attending to consume Anti-Psychotic Chinese Foods. I did this from April 2004 - April 2010, when I checked into McLean Hospital on various inbounds to recover after being called a Nigger by an oncoming vagrant. The conditioning after being called a Nigger in stores is ongoing, including consuming 90 MG Risperdal Perseris, 1.000 MG Risperdal, and 1000 MG Valproek. Danish Researchers mention that documenting all my medicines will be good for interracial and Arab Minorities in EU Zones to recover according to Gentle Care that auspices emotional growth, intellect development, and to improve their minds using Natural Methods, cited in Exposure Therapy Guides for Agoraphobes, integrated with Chemogenically Benign Agents being offered to them at no cost under ObamaCare EU, ObamaCare Maghribate Union, and ObamaCare ECOWAS AfriCom Base Ghana 2005 July.

Famous Natural Black songs:

  • Teach Dem
  • Third World War
  • Money Money
  • Can't Mix Intelligence
  • Can't Lead I Astray

UK Government Support of Marijuana Traffickers and Users

We support Natural Black working intuitively with British High Courts, in the Afghani #1 Legislative Campaign, to further legalize Marijuana in British Commonwealth Trading Zones. Within his tracks he mentions that Tobacco is lawful and also alcohol, but why thus must a Rasta or anyone face imprisonment and confinement, even a fine for trafficking, hording for curage, eating, cooking, processing, researching, growing, agriculturally tending to, and smoking of the Holy Medicinal Herb of Marijuana. Doctor David Satin and Doctor Howard Zeckel from Harvard University's Geriatric Intensive Care Unit have pronounced through Treatment Dissertation Research that CBN for Naturally Born Retarded Patients can improve their medical recovery. Moreover, CBN and Cannabinoids can recover non-Retarded Patients. We at RastaBank find that CBN is a vital emotive discourse agent which equilibriates emotional progress.   Read More >>

Marijuana and Rasta Reggae

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