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Medical and Recreational Marijuana Patients Rights
Ras Shiloh
Ramon Judah
Tony Roots
Invest Now in Rastafarian Marijuana Legalization ERM

Islamic Science Education works in Paralegal Prosecutorial Offence Query Writings to levy charges against persons whom victimize High Grade Medical Marijuana Mass Cultivation Growers, Marijuana Distributors and Consumers. Currently, we are consuming Northern Lights crossbred with California Orange and attempting to neutralize the evictive oppression faced by Marijuana Users. In the course of legalization, Marijuana Users have extensive rights which we support through writing Lethal Executionary Offence Queries speciate to protecting Marijuana Patients Rights. We pride ourselves in developing rescue systems through Lethally Executing, with Defense Intelligence Agency, Estonia Defence Forces, and Denmark Defence Command, victimizers involved in Oppression, Arrest, and Prosecution of Holy Herbs Marijuana Trade Arrestees, subsequent to the drug being legalized. Currently, Islamic Science Education Inc. is working on gathering data on cases where Free Marijuana Users are oppressed by Police Attackers violating users Constitutional Rights of consuming, trafficking, marketing, and growing Marijuana, both for research and scientific purposes.

NATO Rasta has deployed fully against all targets in the past 5 weeks and shall be adding to the brigades selling Marijuana to reliable sources of Lawful Trade Funds

Write to The British Crown Courts speciate to suffering from Oppression related to Operating in the previously sanctioned Marijuana Trade

  • Central Criminal Court, better known as the Old Bailey, is the crown court for the City of London
  • Blackfriars Crown Court
  • Brighton Law Courts
  • Cambridge Crown Court
  • Cardiff Crown Court
  • Exeter Crown Court
  • Hove Trial Centre
  • Kingston upon Hull Crown Court
  • Amersham Crown Court
  • Aylesbury Crown Court
  • Basildon Crown Court
  • Birmingham Crown Court
  • Bolton Crown Court
  • Bournemouth Crown Court
  • Bradford Crown Court
  • Bristol (Bristol Crown Court)
  • Burnley Crown Court
  • Caernarfon Crown Court
  • Cambridge (Cambridge Crown Court)
  • Canterbury Crown Court
  • Cardiff (Cardiff Crown Court)
  • Carlisle Crown Court
  • Carmarthen Crown Court
  • Chelmsford Crown Court

Invest Now in Rastafarian Operation 202 Global SCM

Under Edict 202 started in 1998, I operated in Western Massachusetts Marshalized with Heavy Duty Gear legalizing Marijuana. With the Edict of 202, I traveled to Den Haag, staying at a Hostel to obtain Marijuana Seeds to further Legalize Marijuana through Experimentation, planning to attain a Doctorate in medically treating Black Americans. Through this Scientific Pursuit, experiential applied research, I am still working to neutralize Qaida in the Black Community and present a unification prospect of Islam in New York and Tafari Worldwide.

Tafari Jamaica and Growers in various American States are developing Lawful Nerve Helping Compounds in Marijuana to counteract Dangerous Nerve Agents and to improve society. Rastas have unveiled a Northern Lights Calming Spray to Colorado State Police for spraying at crowds when out of control, and in test trials on Rats it is very effective. Rasta Crowd Control Developers are also working on Combola, Purple Haze, Durban Poison, and California Orange Anti-Rioting Crowd Control Sprays for State Police in America.

With Natural Black's collection of records, the most expert listener and music collector would document his entire career as revolutionary and a procurement of faith for Emperor Haile Selassie Tafari Makonnen, Permanent Ruler of Ethiopia. It is not known whether there are development SCM modes that can allow for 100,000's of Rasta Artists to exist, but in fact Natural Black with his formative label being established, may construe such conditionality. In the West, there are up to 100,000,000 Rastas and Influenced persons of Tafari Faith, thus it could be fathomable that a Rasta Revolution in recording with inexpensive recording technology systems will allow for a larger community of Rasta Dub Dancehall to commence.

In EU and UK, Natural Black is heavily respected and he has toured these locations successfully on multiple occassions.

Famous Natural Black songs:

  • Teach Dem
  • Third World War
  • Money Money
  • Can't Mix Intelligence
  • Can't Lead I Astray

UK Government Support of Marijuana Traffickers and Users

We support Natural Black working intuitively with British High Courts, in the Afghani #1 Legislative Campaign, to further legalize Marijuana in British Commonwealth Trading Zones. Within his tracks he mentions that Tobacco is lawful and also alcohol, but why thus must a Rasta or anyone face imprisonment and confinement, even a fine for trafficking, hording for curage, eating, cooking, processing, researching, growing, agriculturally tending to, and smoking of the Holy Medicinal Herb of Marijuana. This proponency of support idealizes the Governments of EU and OECD West legalizing marijuana, mass cultivating it, and issuancing debentures for support factions being established in UK to Lethally Execute persons involved in violating the Human Rights of Marijuana Mass Cultivators, Users, Patients, and Dispensary Workers, even street traffickers as we see in The Islamic Support British Enclave of New Jersey and The Islamic Support British Enclave of Massachusetts.   Read More >>

Marijuana and Rasta Reggae

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Methodical Societal Progress of Tafari Makonnen

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