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Anthony B
Buju Banton
Fat Eyes Productions has been working in the field of Artist Development for Tafari Makonnen's Chanters, specifically since 1995 with the release of Beenie Man's Album labeled 'Blessed'. The label was founded in 1991. Commencing their Artist Development Operation in the mid-1990's, the label has worked extensively with all famous Jamaican Rastarfarian Talent whom have been featured on mainstream media communications networks. Lynford 'Fatta' Marshall is the main producer and engineer operating at the label with Collin 'Bulby' York working directly with him as Co-Producer and Co-Engineer. Securing momentum through creative genius, the Fat Eyes Productions Unit has established careers for many artists including Capleton and Yami Bolo. Their recording of the track 'Put Down The Weapons' by Yami Bolo and Capleton defined a pronounced success for the label, which has used the success of its earlier tracks to maintain requisite inertia in developing the sound of upcoming artists in the Ensemble of Tafari Makonnen. At the label premiere dancehall producers, Collin "Bulby" York and Lynford "Fatta" Marshall have developed a long career of crucial hits for audiences to experience the greatness of Tafari Makonnen's Chanters. The team is well recognized in DJ Selector networks through their individualized Fat Eyes imprint. Since 1995 the label has worked to annunciated the works of Tafari Makonnen in the best light known to humankind. They have distributed their intensively symphonic works through the means and methodologies of Founded Labels, including - VP, Jet Star and Greensleeves.

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