Stream Reggae Music - Zion Lion of the Twelve Tribes of Judah | Reggae is the source of Unity and Unification for The African Diaspora, Commonwealth Africa and Caribbean, and The African Union | Messages of Justice, Social Accord, Societal Progress and Purgatorial Insight for Blacks
Rastafarian Reggae Audio Mixes profess faith, progress, and societal cohesion for The African Diaspora, The African Union, Commonwealth Africa and The Caribbean | Progress and Change for Black Society including societal development, economic success, and institutional cohesiveness to ensure The Civil Rights promised under The United States Constitution and British Constitution will prevail
A brief Surmised History of Marcus Garvey and The U.N.I.A. as they countered institutional Racism, Xenophobia, and Oppression of The Black African Race whilst maintaining stridence in developing efficacious means to Societal Accord, Social Cohesion, and Institutional Acceptance of Blacks and Black Africans
A Brief History of Emperor Haile Selassie as he worked to Unite Africa and fight against the evilous regimes of The Axis Powers and their doctrines of Oppression which were intended to decay progress in Africa for the purpose of mechanized exploitation
The African Union was chartered consequential to the formation of The Organisation of African Unity to deploy mechanisms of Unity, Societal Cohesion, Sustainable Ethical Economic Progress, Political Integration, Counterance to Conditions of Colonialism, and Institutional Coherence throughout Africa for the purpose of promulgating progress for the continent as it counters the invasive institutional remnants of Colonialism
Flag for Asante Kingdom: The Asantehene sends Emissaries on matters of great importance.  A chief may be sent: once, Aduboufuor, Gyaasehene, was sent to patch up some differences which had arisen between Sem (Nsemaa) and Ahanta, and which had been referred to Asantehene.  This was successfully done, and this led to the friendship between Ahanta and Nsemaa on one hand and Asante on the other in which people from eitherside could insult those of the other without generating any bitterness.

Don Carlos:
Don Carlos is a source of extensive knowledge for the Rastafarian Religious Group. His works have been performed in seven African Nations during his long career chanting for Rastafari. Much of Don Carlos' work describes the struggles that Blacks have encountered in Babylon System. In his chanting Rastafari is praised along with the important tenets of Rastafari. We see that his work has evolved over the decades, yet the fundamental message he portrays has not changed.
BIO from Don Carlos (born Euvin Spencer) Legendary Reggae Artist - Born and raised in one of the most deprived regions of Western Kingston, Jamaica, in a district notoriously known as Waterhouse, which incidentally is also a musical spawning ground for many of Reggae's greatest ever talents, such as King Tubby, original member of Black Uhuru, The Jays, Junior Reid and King Jammy to name but a few, Don Carlos started his singing career back in 1973, as one of the original members of the aforementioned roots vocal group Black Uhuru. Alongside other founding members, Garth Dennis who later went on to joining the Wailing Souls and Derrick Ducky Simpson Uhuru's central figure, as part of the trio, Don played a prominent role in the recordings of the highly acclaimed Love Crisis album, for producer Prince Jammy in 1977.

Ijah Menelik:
In the new field of Reggae, Ijah Menelik represents a strong demonstration of hope and change. His works are a profilic example of the strength of Rastafari. His robust vocal tone is intermingled with extravagant instrument sections, particularly on Baggawire. We can see that his power in music is not limited to musical style, but encompasses lyrical intonation and fidelity of sound. The message of Ijah Menelik is strident in its purposes.

Liv I Jah:
In the new age of Reggae there is a noticeable representation of the fury that empowers Rastafari. Liv I Jah represents the fury and strength of Rastafari and the livication surrounding its new artists. In his music the listener can see the unity of well-formed sound and the strength of his message. Liv I Jah's works demonstrate a new field for Rastafarian Musicians whom support unity in faith. The song 'Be Still Babylon' profounds a universal message that carries the listener's mind to a space of Peace only found in the classics of Reggae released during the 1980's, during the pernicious times when the highly unjust system of apartheid was ending.
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Documenting the process of incurred freedom from Criminal Bondage, whilst Blacks obtain manumission in modern societal context.
Tony Roots - Sufferer's Cry: Crucial Roots Album
African Unity Series
Tony Roots - Sufferer's Cry: Crucial Roots Album

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