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The Hague tortured President Bush, CIA Directors, and Dutch Citizens
Ras Shiloh
Ramon Judah
Tony Roots
DIA Courts in South America

According to recent reports, The Hague is an Injudicion Extortion Court, working to promulgate Racist Attacks in South America and The Carib Antilles. DIA is establishing Courts to provide money to South Americans and Central Americans, and layer currency parity equity between The US Dollar and Colombian Pesos. DIA confirms it will assure the Peso is worth $4 - $20 USD and Colombians can overpopulate New Jersey and New Hampshire

Economic Growth Sectors:

  • Automated Agrobusiness
  • Scientific Engineering
  • Exports Control
  • Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Automobile Vehicles Manufacturing

The Hague was formed in 2002 July to launder Dutch Assets from DeBeers Monopoly Investments in South Africa and to assure Dutch Governmental Ministers would continue the injudicion Colonial Process of Currency Imparity in Zaire and other stalwart African Republics. Hungarian Prosecutors have proven that The Hague has extorted British Progress in Jamaica and Belize and target Lords Councils whom were ending War in Sierra Leone and Ghana, associated with Charles Taylor and Samuel Doe. British Crown Courts are now progress allying with DIA to establish Courts in all British Commonwealth States to handout Debentures in a Truth and Reconciliation Scheme which assures all War Criminals incongruent with Nazi Ratlines are apprehended. British Crown Court officials have confirmed their number one target is persons whom betray Selassie's Vision of a British Commonwealth United African States. Moreover, Queen Elizabeth III, a 25 Scottish Lordess documented anyone whom targets Tafari's Vision of a United Non-Racist World will be sued and targeted using all methods. The Lords Council is even recruiting DeKlerk and Botha of The Namibian Parliament to assure the bounty on targeters of Rastafarians and Tafari Islam will be achieved.   Read More >>

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