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Know Babylon in order to procedurally overcome their oppressive system of discrimination
Mount Vernon Order
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As purportment of lawfare abides, the decisions to maintain a sturdy against derision confounds the decay. Adherents and means are abounding and noted aforement towards achievement. Attentions to determinant cataloging of losses within the Commonwealth of United Kingdom and rendered Lords at Mount Vernon and New Boston have shown me that the natural senses. Admonished is the loss and advised is the protocoled plans. Construant means of democracy and progress in Hong Kong. Construants means to Swedish Type Social Democracy in China Mainland, for the betterment of Mongolian Peoples. I am a Mongolian and I will be free to be provisoned and free to ensure my own safety.
Oliver North
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In construement, as a young child in Burlington - witnessing the kidnapping and torture of US Personnel on Foreign and Domestic Grounds was traumatizing. As someone the Secret Service and Military Chiefs contacted, I felt a personal responsbility to render judgement to prevent such incarnations of harm to US Personnel and US Persons. Witnessing the energies caused a massive anxiety and tremor within my childhood. To escape the nightmares, I took precise action with Oliver North and the CIA Recruited African Group of Scotland Yard.
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Corruption and coercion racket study is underway accordant to ICC Research Program. Indications are abounding that the killing of RFK and JFK are directly related to corruption rackets. Defence Intelligence Agency, operated at Rotterdam, Netherlanden is abiding ICC Warrant at Den Ha'ag, in relation to specified cases and comprehending how many "Non Entrant" Americans are involved and indictable for Execution at Alabama Sheriff's Office Chamber of Death.
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