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Know Babylon in order to procedurally overcome their oppressive system of discrimination
Rastafarian Clarity
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Rastafarians manifest a type of clarity known to Jesuits and prophets. According to Emmanuel, Rasta Philosophy Major at Bobo Asante Chapel, the inculcations of Babylon's System - known as Babylon Brainwash, induce and incur further Racism which can potentially lead to a major Holocaust of Blacks in the Americas. Moreover, given the high death rates within Southern Confederate Regions, the trade in Narcotics - particularly Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamines, and Barbituates needs to be reduced with proper lock up of Criminal Kind, and the separation of Rastafarians from such criminal felons. The Fugitive Slave Act has not been deceased in any form, yet transitorily adapted to the Fugitive Acts of 1907 and Alien & Sedition Acts of 1902. Whilst Rastafarians see their path to Zion, let the Negro Criminals live far away from the peaceful and loving Rastafarians. (Intro Music: Human Cargo - Carry Us Beyond [Shaka Cut])
Babylon Enslavement
Rasta Radio | Featured Rasta Reggae Artists
The Whisper of Slavery can be heard loudly in the songs of Hip Hop / Gangster Rap Music, of which many Rastafarians Loathe. The efficaciousness of Babylon's Wicked Treachery Systems are evident in the music and within its cultural underpinnings. In Germany, much of this music is already banned as a Statutory Hate Speech, relinquished by the high incarceration rates of those whom listen to its content. Mostly, the message of the German Government is shared by Rastafarians as they travail through European Union Nations. In America, Rastafarians often turn a blind eye to the Treacherous nature of those whom would be akin to Babylon Workers.
Babylon Oppression
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The worst type of oppression is inculcation and continuation of decadent lifestyles. The Indoctrination of Babylon System has led Criminal "Black" Afro-Am Groups to join anarchists in a prelude to 2017 rioting. The pseudotribal nature of Black society is noted by Rastas as Babylon System Victimization Routine. N.E.M.L.C. was incepted by a Christian Baptist of the Saint James Church and apparently a request from Former Governor William Weld, with integration on Secretariat Orders. The group has focused on messages released by artist Ghanaman / Ras Kwasi to resolve problems in New Hampshire. The focal point in Massachusetts resolves itself in integration of Black Minorities into modern society without misfitry intentions.
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