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Know Babylon in order to procedurally overcome their oppressive system of discrimination
Niggardly America
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Reclusive means to debate, intentions to humility in debates and evade bribery racket to clearance of prosecuting Election / Legislation Tampering Units. Richard Cheney (VP - USA Executive Office Commission: 2000 - 2008) had a conversation with an unknown Svede Operative during the years of 2006 and 2008. Apparently, instead of electing a European-American Woman to the President's Office at E2008 (SEC-TRAP), the incurred betterment program was to leave the blame on a Kenyan-American - for the original attacks 1996 Khobar, 1998 UN Compounds East Africa, 2000 USS Cole, 2001 WTC and 2001 - 2011 Afghan Heroin Cerebral Palsy Induction. Because many Americans have the Cerebral Palsy associated with WMD Heroin, the data was to be divulged after the DNC Hearings and the RNC Conservative NGO Meeting.
Prostitution Incurred Fetal Disorders
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The nature of Genetic Degenerate Narcotic / Alcohol Consumption disorder is being studied by Doctors in Sveden. Since 1996, a theory arose after 10 year testing of AIDS / HIV - Communal Consumption Aspect Syndrome Disorder Patients. Apparently, the Enzymes in Embryos become deformed and elasticity within Genetic Replication and Cellular Replication is altered heavily to an atomic organic weight unknown in Current Prehistoric Medical Knowledge. The story of Capone and other Mafia Agents of WWII (Great War) and the Australian Apology Letters indicate that society in "America" is a derangement, profoundly referred to as Niggardly Melting Pot Disorderly Society.
Notations and Mixes
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Corruption and coercion racket study is underway accordant to ICC Research Program. Indications are abounding that the killing of RFK and JFK are directly related to corruption rackets. Defence Intelligence Agency, operated at Rotterdam, Netherlanden is abiding ICC Warrant at Den Ha'ag, in relation to specified cases and comprehending how many "Non Entrant" Americans are involved and indictable for Execution at Alabama Sheriff's Office Chamber of Death.

Red Ribbon (n): a red ribbon usu. with appropriate words or markings awarded upon the second place winner of a known competition. VP (Cheney and his Dark Prince Conduit Calming Youth) and Sec of State (Excruciating Worker of Peace to normality of Republic)
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