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ReggaeStation.net features the works of Tafari Makonnen's Leadership whom promulgate the message of Unity for British Commonwealth Africa. To obtain individual songs go to www.RastafarianReggae.com where you can listen to select promotional songs and download unofficial copies of their tracks via our Integrative Rasta Radio Player. Our network of Streaming Righteous Reggae Radios features Rastafarian Music sourced from various Jamaican Record Labels including: Our purpose is to support the Repatriative Efforts of Marcus Garvey and others whom worked since the 18th Century to assure Blacks would reach their homeland of Africa after being transported through Chattel Slavery to The West Indies, North America, South America and other far flung regions of the World where bondage existed. Each artist on the Rasta Radio Network operating at www.ReggaeStation.net and www.RastafarianReggae.com is selected for the forthrightness and foundational nature of their works. The liturgical reasoning mechanisms and lyrical mannerisms by which the supported Roots Reggae Artists purvey their messages of morality, ethics, and foresightfulness in context of Conscious Reggae Culture and particularly Rastafari is known by Cultural Experts to render indelible marks on the minds and psyches of listeners. The means by which the Doctrine of Jah Rastafari, Gye Selassie Makonnen, is brought to the attention of audiences matters crucially to the effectual deployment of messages of Rastafari throughout mainstream media. As the communication of the doctrine is efficient and rhythmic it is easily absorbed by the general public whom can assist in Marcus Garvey's Mission of Repatriation, Recompense, Remediation of Racism, and Reconstitution of Black African Diaspora Society.

Apparently, Marcus Garvey, if alive today, would be a proud supporter of the methodologies of propagating the teachings of Black Pride, Black Economic Empowerment, Black Equity, and African Diaspora Self-Sustenance through Rastafarian Roots Reggae Music, as one mechanism of positive change for Black Society. As one of the most key founders of the Rastafari Movement, through his methodical impressions of justice on mankind, we can understand why Marcus Garvey is a fundamental leader of Africans of the Diaspora and of all Races of Humankind. The United Negro Improvement Association, through its universal message of equality amongst humankind, at the surface may not have been effective during its early times to develop strength, stridence, and requisite purgatory to be sutained by Federal Judiciary Systems, Federal Courts, and State Courts for Blacks of the Diaspora. We can see now that the inceptions of the Rastafarian Movement are evident in Reggae Music to accept more followers of Garvey, developing a system for Garveyites to reach the World coordinating progress, change, and inertia building momentum in the causes of justice.

Marcus Garvey's Printing Press has evolved into the Printing Press of Roots Reggae Artists whom maintain the esteem to reach listeners with righteous insight, devouting further supports for the causes of The United Negro Improvement Association. The broadcast media at the time of Marcus Garvey's Rise To Power was centralized upon Printing Presses and Newspaper Media. Today, Broadcast Media which is used to propagate the works and efforts of The Universal Negro Improvement Association consists of Print Media, Internet Media, Social Media, Music Media, Spoken Word, and Televised Media for distribution via Digital Video Discs. Rastafarians that are aware of the Great Power of Music Media and Televised Media utilize these forms of communication to express the Will of Jah Marcus Garvey. His works are eloquent and service the needs of the African Diaspora Community Worldwide, including in Shashamanie Land Ethiopia Abyssinia. To counter miseducation, Erudition in 'White'/EuroCentric Subject Matter, False Edification, and EuroCentric Scintillation, Blacks of The African Diaspora must develop a Curriculum of Righteousness of which Rastafari provides in the sight of Selassie. Due to the Superior Condition of Ancient Meroe Peoples during 3000 B.C. - 1600 B.C. and Ancient Ghana, Mali and Songhai during 600 A.D. to 1200 A.D., European Society Rebeled against the rule of 'Blacks' and Moors. This is why the time of downfall occurred for 'Blacks', of which is temporary and completely transient.

We are showcasing the works of Dub Artists whom hail from The United Kingdom of Great Britain with the primary intent to promote their sound for further establishment of the Dub Scene there.

ReggaeStation.net Founder - Ras Kwasi - produced a Dub Album in 2011 outlining the challenge for the World Community. The album contents are listed below for download: Please support the Movement To Free Africa of Wanton Exploitation - by purchasing the album at CDBaby.com. Proceeds are used to create further productions which outline specific injustices in Africa.

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Methodical Societal Progress of Tafari Makonnen

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