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Know Babylon in order to procedurally overcome their oppressive system of discrimination
About The ICC at The Hague
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Marcus Garvey stated through his comprehension of the diminutive treatment of 'Blacks' by 'White' Society: "I warn the White World against the prejudice they are practicing against Negroes; I warn them against the segregation and injustice they mete out to us, for the perpetuation of these things will mean the ultimate destruction of the present civilization, and the building up of a new civilization founded upon mercy, justice, and equality." Notably, UN Authorized, The International Criminal Court at The Hague promotes torture of innocent human beings. In their press briefings, The ICC at The Hague Chief Prosecutor promotes general usage of torture and the specific murder of American Nobility Familes, confers that the heinous Terror Attack of 9/11/2001 was Sharia and Lawful, and moreover that all torture is lawful. This array of insanity occurred whilst The ICC at The Hague unlawfully pursued an entire section of State Department Officials whom worked against the pangs of Islamist Extremism, who through coordination in Islamic Society are working towards an unjust end of humankind.
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Insurrection: a violent uprising against an authority or government. The criminalistic oriented uprisings of the Black Community and sustained insurrection of Black Society against the Caste System of Babylon rooted in Slavery, Institutional SocioCultural Oppression, De Jure Institutional White Supremacy as well as Uniformed and State Sanctioned Racism, is influenced heavily by the impelled frustration, impressed dismay, induced disillusionment, academic discontentment, imposed infuriation, aggrievement derived from unjust treatment, compelled derision, levied deridement, forced antagonization, social disgruntlement, dysphoric estrangement, and de facto psychical and emotive perturbment of 'Blacks'. The societally coerced insolence of Blacks is not innate or genetically sourced but caused by conditioning in an imperically unjust 'White' Society, controlled by European American Groups whom have denied essential opportunity to Blacks through De Jure and De Facto Societal Contrivements and Deceitment Devices.
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Speech of Marcus Garvey (9/11/1923): "As Leader of the U.N.I.A. of which the Black Star Line was an auxiliary, I must state that the millions of our members in this country and abroad look to America as a national friend, and, citizens and residents as we are, we are jealous of her fair name among other nations of the World and zealous in the effort to be to her loyal and true. The U.N.I.A seeks to do for Africa similar what the Pilgrims and later, George Washington sought to do for America. We Negroes want a government of our own in Africa, so that we can be nationally, if not industrially and commercially, removed from competition in race, a condition that will make both races better friends, with malice towards none, but respect and appreciation for each. Our greatest trouble, however, is with our own people. There are some in the race who are not in sympathy with an independent Negro nation. To them 'they have lost nothing in Africa'."

Artists in the Reggae Music Business being forced, coerced, bamboozled, or tricked into the transporting of Cannabis Shipments to USA, Canada, and European Union Zones including The United Kingdom of Great Britain is erratic and irresponsible. The fact that Labels in Jamaica are involved in this business is highly disconcerting, and defies apprehension logic for most Officials. Given Labels in Jamaica are not organized under one operational apparatus particularly regimenting Uniform Systems of Conduct with Rules and Norms afforded to Artists and Band Players to ensure their rights are resepcted is abnormal. Another chief concern is that the modalities of business in Jamaican Reggae are malformed leading to depravity of intellectual content in the music. This indicates that Library Resources and Academic Institutions are failing most Jamaicans and West Indians. If Reggae was organized, particularly under a Recompense Official Moniker, Jamaican Reggae would through eventuation be able to forthrightly exit from the ways and perils of Slavery. Did Apartheid cause this glaring failure? Potentially, according to theorists in Central Europe whom work for National Radio Stations.

In South Africa and Namibia, suprisingly, yet not withstood, it took until 1993 and 1994 respectively to gain freedom from the Dutch Boer NAZI's whom integrated their power grab in Africa, benefiting directly from Colonialism and the associated Power Vacuums in Sub-Saharan Africa, through exploitative and profiteering based intermingling of Dutch Society and Deutsche Society with Cumulative Oppression of Black Africans. The cohesive ties of this manifold system of incurred death for Africa operated vital Diamond Bourses in Antwerpen, Belgium and throughout Holland, which in the 1990's was littered with Diamond Exchange Businesses, to extract almost all intensely valuable Rough Diamonds from the market at key mines in Angola, South Africa, Namibia, and Zaire. The greed and maliciousness associated with the Racist Enclaves of Former NAZI European Power Blocs whereby 'White' Supremacy reigned severely detracted and destroyed Africa's chances for stability and incurred further destabilization of the continent by way of imposed false order.
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Martin Campbell's Classic Album, Heat Of The Fire, released in 1990-1991 outlines key aspects of the struggle to fight against Babylon's System with acquired knowledge and acumen.
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Throughout the tracks on Ras Kwasi - Littell X Prophecies the listener will notice the utilization of Roots Reggae Drums and Snares integrated with Hip Hop cadences. The nature of the music is definitively influenced by Modern European Union Zone Dubstep and Roots Reggae Dub/Dancehall Dub.
Tony Roots - Sufferer's Cry: Crucial Roots Album

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